Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 25, 2008

What i did today

A few days ago,my friend Cindi asked if I could make a hat for her grandson. I, of course, said sure! I didn’t start it until last night as I wouldn’t be seeing her until tomorrow, and I really like the way it turned out!

I used Red Heart in Black and Royal Blue and the same wave pattern that I used in an earlier post. If you look close enough,you can see the Peace symbol on the earflap! I love this pattern, and it will be staying around for quite awhile!

Also, some of you may recall that I got a book a few months ago for free called “Instant Crochet”.

Well, today I really looked through this book. All the pictures are drawings, so there’s no way of knowing what anything actually looks like and all the patterns are the usual hideousness of the 70’s, but one pattern stood out for me. It’s another afghan pattern and it’s the perfect way to use up all my scraps! It’s done in motifs and the only common denominator is the border color used on the motifs…like a granny afghan. But these motifs are a type of lower that i haven’t seen before!

I only made the one to give you an idea of what it looks like,cuz right now I do not need another afghan going! Two at time is my limit! Of course, this would make an ideal traveling project. Hmm. And I do have a Stitch N Bitch tomorrow. Hmmm. No…I already have a Tychus hat started for the SNB. But…what if I finish it before the meetings over? Hmmmmm. All right. I’ll take a skein of scrap yarn with me. The Tychus has black in it so I can use what’s left as the border.

So that’s been my day. Oh! A few readers have suggested that I try to sell online, and i found out that I can use PayPal to do so,so look out for me to be opening an online store soon! I won’t be using Etsy as they require a credit card,and I don’t have one…nor will I ever have one. I know myself too well to trust myself with a credit card.

So there’s that. Have a good night,and I’ll be back later!!

Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 25, 2008


I got up at 4:30 this morning to go to the bathroom. Why am I telling you this? Because I am one of those people that cannot go back to sleep once I’m up. I’m out of the bed…I’m wide awake. So I present you with the Crafty Boy list of things to do when your day begins at 4:30 A.M.

1. Channel surf. There is nothing on at this ungodly hour!

2. Clean. Yeah…that’s gonna happen.

3. Crochet an earflap hat that’s a special order for one of Mom’s co-workers. Cool. I need it done by 9:30. No problem! Everybody at Mom’s work seems to want earflap hats. This lady wants one with a hole in the back to stick her ponytail through. Okey-dokey. Got it done with time to spare!

4. Take a hot bath. Aaaaaahhhhh!!!

5. Clean. Nope..still ain’t happening.

6. Finish off all the needed yellow squares for the SisterCare afghan. I decided to make the rest of the squares and then join them together later. All the yellow ones are done. Now I need 5 more orange and 6 more variegated.

7. Read a bit. Hey! I’m almost through with my book!

8. Clean. Naw.

9. Start another afghan for SisterCare. okay,I now. I still have 11 more squares to go before the first one is near done,but I found about this really neat technique called Interlocking Filet Crochet. Gotta try this out! Swatch it? Please! I go straight for an afghan! I’m using some Navy and Baby Blue from my limited stash. I only have two skeins of each,but it should be enough for a child’s blanket. I’m up to the 5th row on this one.

This is a alot easier than it looks,though the base rows are a bit if a bitch. To find out more about this technique,go to

Waving to Dick and Kevin for turning me onto this technique!

10. Clean. Will you please shut up about cleaning?!?

11. Start another earflap hat. This one is knitted and using the same pattern from an earlier post. Need it done by Saturday morning for a sale.

12. Work on my blog.

13. Go to bed and try to get a good night’s sleep.

See ya’ll later!!

Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 24, 2008

Killing time

This post is really nothing more than me killing time while I wait for Project Runway to come on. I love that show!! Right now,I have to say that I cannot stand that little twerp,Chrstian. He thinks he’s the only designer in the room and that everybody else is playing with paper dolls! I admit…he’s good,and at 19,he’s got a great career ahead of gim. but I cannot stand his attitude! Every single episode,he talks about how everyone else has made garbage and he flaunts about the workroom telling the other designers what they’re doing wrong!

My favorite designer is Chris. He’s not really great…I just love his personality. Then I have to say..Rami. Even though he can be a bit snotty. And what kind of 50 year old goes about calling herself Sweet P? What is that?

On another note,in my last post I had a really nice hat to show. I was sent a comment from someone saying that she saw the same hat,but with 4 fpdc’s on Etsy being sold for 38 bucks. The writer asked the seller about the pattern and was told the pattern wasn’t available. That she designed this hat herself for her own use. The write figured out a hat on her own. The Etsy hat is not that different from the hat that I made,from an available hat! If you’d like to try one like I made,follow this link…

Okay,my show’s on,so I’ll see ya’ll later!

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Last night we had our bi-monthly meeting of the Irmo Crochet Enthusiasts, and a good time was had by all. I couldn’t for the life of me stop saying the word “stunning”! Everything that was brought up, I replied that it was “stunning”. LOL! I haven’t the foggiest idea why that was the word of the day, but I finally told everybody that apparently my gay was showing! LOL!!

Anyway, I took a hat with me to work on. It’s a pattern called “City Girl cap” from last years “Crochet-A-Day” calender that Annie Modesitt edited. It’s a neat pattern,but I will say now that doing bpdc increases is not fun!! At least not for me. But the trouble was worth it! I used Red Heart yarn in Sandy Print and I think it turned out really nice!

This picture will give a better look at the post stitches…

The hat is meant to be for females,but I think I nay be sporting it myself! I doubt very seriously I’ll make another one,so if I want one,this will be it.

Also last night,my friend Christine brought me some yarn to make a blanket with that will be donated to SisterCare. that’s the charity the group decided to work with the time around,and we’re all making blankets for them. Being unemplyed means that I can’t afford enough yarn to make a blanket that will be given away. Right now,all my yarn purchases are being used to make items that I’m selling. So Christine gave me 3 skeins each of Red Heart in Yellow,Orange, and Sunshine Print. I knew that I had no real idea what i was going to make pattern-wise,but i figured I could work something up. Then this morning one of the guys on the group “Men Who Crochet” (waving to Dick W.) posted about a friend of his that has a really wonderful blog. I popped over and she had made a great looking blanket using the pattern that she got from

I was inspired and grabbed up the yarn and got started! So far I’m at this point…

I admit right off that I am not at all happy with the variegated squares. I didn’t realize the hearts are completely hidden until I had gotten to this point. I don’t feel like going to the frog pond, so I’m leaving those two squares in and calling these two sections the middle point of the blanket. That’s the great thing about this kind of join…you can really join at any part of the blanket. My blanket has six rows total,so these two rows will be the center. Prblem solved. I’m going to use some red yarn from my stash to replace the print in the rest of the blanket. To see the originnal inspiration for my blanket,please go to Cynthia’s blog at

Not only is her version of this blanket much better than mine,but her other work is wonderful!!

And now to the bad news of the day. First of all,if you haven’t heard yet,the great actor Heath Ledger is dead. At 28. Supposedly the police belive drugs to be involved. I’m stunned by this.

Also,on a more personal note,my dear friend Kat is moving away. 😦 This has nagged at me all day long. I love Kat,and she has been very inspiring to me over the short time we’ve known each other. I know we’ll keep in touch through email and our blogs,but it just ain’t the same. Tears.

So that’s been my day. Take care!!

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What I’ve been up to

Well,I know it’s been a bit since my last post,soo there’s a few things to catch up on. First,earlier this week,I was reading the blogs that I enjoy,and came across a beautiful shawl done by Ken over at “That Crochet Guy”. I fell in love with the look of the shawl and had to make one of my own! Ken used some Red Heart Soft on his in a stunning buttery yellow color. Well,being unemplyed means that I cannot afford to go out and buy yarn,so I did some stash diving and came up with two skeins of Caron Simply Soft in Plum Heather. If you haven’t noticed yet,I have a purple fetish! I had to go off the pictures on Ken’s blog since I couldn’t afford to purchase the pattern,and I think it’s coming along nicely!

I’m on my third skein of yarn,and a fourth lies in wait. I don’t know what size hook Ken used,so I grabbed an “H” hook to get the close gauge that appears in his shawl. After 2 skeins,I wasn’t satisfied with the length,so I’m going to add in until I’m happy…or until all 4 skeins are used up. I know this breaks my rule of no longer making things that I can’t use,but this shawl will be used for my Stevie Nicks listening times!

Also,last week,my Mom took one off my hats to work with her,and people started asking if they could get one made! So far,I’ve sold two crocheted hats,and have orders up for 4 more hats!!!! I only charge $5.oo for my hats,and everyone tells me that that’s not enough,but I honestly don’t see anyone in this area willing to pay more than that. In fact, many people have actually gotten mad at me for charging that much!! Anyway,two of the hats are already done for my 4 piece order. Kim wants 2 earflap hats (that’s what evefryone wants-earflaps) for her boys…one in black and white and the other done in black and garnet. Apparently USC and Mid-Carloina High School have the same school colors. These are the ones for the boys…

Kim wants a pure black crocheted earflap hat for herself. I’ll work it up tomorrow. She wants them all on Monday,so that’s cool. I also have one of the knitted earflaps on the needles for myself using the navy and gold yarn left over from Dad’s Notre Dame afghan. Also have a mesh hat on the hook and a jacket done in black and red on the hook. Hope to get the jacket done by Monday night to have a picture taken on a model! We’ll see on that.

So that’s about it. I still am on the Great American Job hunt,but I’m not as depressed as i have been since I’m making a little bit of coin on my crochet and knitting. I’m also going to churn a few out to take with me to the flea market in two weeks time. I have some other stuff to sell,and the hats will be an extra thing. Okay,so thta’s my week. Luvya all!!

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Some help and some charity

Okay,to start off with…one of my readers emailed me and said she was having trouble with the directions for the Double Irish Chain afghan. So here’s a little tutorial.

First you make your beginning square. the right side will have both tails on the left of the piece. In this picture,I have the hook pointing at the spot where you will join for your next row. Remember,each diagonal strip counts as 1 row. You do not count the rows in each block as a row of the afghan!

At this point,you will add your next yarn and work a new block. This is the first block of row 1! You will join this block to the first block with slip stitches on block rows 1,3,and 5. Block row 5 join will be the 1st sc of the 5th row of the 1st block. It will look like this…

Now you will chain 1. DO NOT TURN! You will be working on the top of the beginning block. Work your next block on this point! It will look like this…

Again,all your tails will be pointing to the left of the piece,and I have the hook pointing to where you will join the yarn next. The only times you will break the yarn is at the end of a diagonal row,or when changing colors. I hope this helps! Let me know if it’s not that clear.

Today,I goofe about really as far as crochet work goes. I was playing around online, and came across the cutest,easiest little bear pattern! The lady the designed it intends for them to be used as charity. That’s my intention as well. I figure I can make one a day easily,and have a good chunk by the end of next month to take to the kids in hospital. They really take no time to make. And they only take a minute amount of yarn. Instead of polyfil,I used a cotton ball to stuff mine. The first one is this little cutie…

Anyone interested in the pattern,please go to

I promise…they are easy pleasy to make!

Also,the Irmo Crochet Enthusiasts,of which I am a member,has decided to make afghans for SisterCare. This is an organization that takes in battered women and their kids when they escape the abuser. The people stay there until they can get back on their feet. We’re making adult and child sized afghans. Being as I am unemployed,and thereby unable to buy yarn,I was very concerned how I would participate in this. I voiced my concerns during my morning walk,and one of the neighbors that walks with me said she had some yarn that I was welcome to! I went over and was able to grab up some blue and white yarn that she had that was usuable. I say that,because the rest was knotted up and really quite ugly! I started a cool blanket that looks like this so far…

So that’s been my day. Other than that,I went out driving with Justin in his new car. He got a used Dodge Neon. He wanted someone in the family to ride in it at least once,so he took me around to the gas station so I could get a soda. The boy can drive a stick,but not well. I felt like I was being jerked all over the car! And I looked over to see his monitor board, and discovered that his speedomoeter doesn’t work!! When I said something to him,he replied, “I know,but you can feel how fast you’re going,so it’s okay.” YIPES!! Needless to say,I won’t be getting back in that car!

Okay,so I’ll be back later! Take care!!

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Stitch N Bitch to the rescue!!

So, as some of you know,I have been suffering with a major depression most of this week. I haven’t wanted to eat,and didn’t eat Thursday of Friday, and o few times I was feeling suicidal…though I obviously didn’t act on it. Nothing has made me feel any better. Until today.

We had our monthly SNB and just being with those people really helped a lot. For the first time in quite a while I enjoyed a real laugh. You know,the kind that start in your belly. I as able to talk to them about a few things…and they listened…unlike my family who sits there and interrupts me and then proceeds to tell me to get over it and make myself feel better. IT IS NOT THAT EASY!!!!! But these ladies listened to me,and made me feel better. I even ate a pack of cookies that Sylvia bought for me. The first thing I’ve eaten in 2 days. I was able to get a good bit of work done on Scrap Heap,but I haven’t any pics because my camera battery is dead and I haven’t put it on the charger. I’ll have some later,though.

Anyway,so I was in a pretty good mood until I got home. And now I can already feel the weight piling back on my shoulders. In case that wasn’t a major clue,my depression is caused by my not working and having to be in this house all the damn time!!! I hate it here!

I’m closing ow before I go on a tirade. I’ll be back later!

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Well, today Mom wanted me to go shopping with her…which is usually a trip to the deepest bowels of Hell. I love my mother, but we can’t be around each other that much without a buffer without screaming at each other, and I can honestly say it’s because she pushes all of my buttons. After 43 years, she still acts like she doesn’t know what pisses me off to know end, and that’s the stuff she always brings up or does!

So,to keep myself occupied,I decided to make a hyperbolic ball. For those of you that are unaware, a hyperbolic ball is based on some geometric planes that I can’t pretend to understand. I can’t even count to 21 unless I’m naked. LOL! So,anyway to crochet a hyperbolic ball,you just increase constantly at a set rate. For mine,I started off with a ring of 6 single crochets. Then I worked 2 sc’s into every stitch continuously until I ran out of yarn. Also,I used some leftover self striping cotton yarn and a “G” hook. It turned out like this…

I plan on using it as a scrubbie.

Once we got home, I did some more work on Scrap Heap. For some reason, working it on the same side constantly is causing the piece to bias to the right. I don’t know why as my stitch count has remained constant,but there it sits. I can live it since it is all scrap yarn. So now I have Scrap Heap up to this point…

I think it’s turning out quite nicely. Certainly a lot better than I had hoped.

And now for some shameless promotion! As stated before I published a book of my patterns through Please check it out!!

Have a great one!!

Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 9, 2008

Two big YAY’s

Two great things happened last night! First…Hilary won New Hampshire!!! YAY!!!

Secondly,and a little more important to me for selfish reasons…my book of crochet patterns got published!!! YAY!!! You can buy the book at

It’s available as printed or as a download!

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Scrap Heap

Okay,I’m not in a really good place mentally right now,so I’ve had to put away the Double Irish Chain afghan until I’m in a better place because it’s just way too much to have to think about. So yesterday I pulled out all my scrap yarns and started an afghan using them. I grabbed my “J” hook and just chained until I was happy with the length. I got 250 chains total. After that,I made one simple rule: I close my eyes,jam my hand into the scrap basket,and pull out a yarn. Whatever I pull out has to be the one used. I single crochet 1 row only of each color as pulled out. I also only work with the right side facing,and am working the piece so that it’s self fringing. Oh,it’s also worked side to side. So far it looks like this…

I am still working on my “sit at the computer” socks. One is completed and the other one is half way through the gusset. The only other thing that I did that’s a bit different is that instead of grafting the toes shut,I used a 3 needle bind off. I think I saw Priscilla Gibson-Roberts do this somewhere.

Other news is that I had a job interview today. It went well and I am supposed to start tomorrow at 9 A.M. The only thing is that it’s telemarketing…which I guess is okay when you really have no other real options…but the bad part is that it’s completely done on commission. So I don’t know if I’ll be going in. I’m going to talk to my Mom about it and see what she says. I’ve got to do something because,like I said,I’m not in a good place. I’m starting to get very depressed,have no pride or self-esteem,can’t deal with the fact that I’m not self-sufficient,and am starting to feel a little…I don’t know.

Anyway,I did do a little bit on the DIC afghan,and this is where it’s at so far…

So that’s it far now. I’ll be back later!

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