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Nothing to see here,folks

Sorry dear readers,but I haven’t got a new picture for you today. I was up all night last night with pain from a kidenry stone moving through my body…still waiting to pass it…and was just too tired and pained out and drugged up to work on anything today. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow,so stay tuned! Have a great nite!!

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this is gonna be real quick cuz i am real sick. i was able to get through to this point before the sick hit me. i’ll be back later.

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That’s right,dear readers,it’s Super Bowl Sunday!!! And why do I care? Because…football was created by gay men such as myself!! That’s right! Don’t believe me? Proof then!

1. Tight pants and shoulder pads. Need I go on?

2. Look at the way the quarterback and center stand. No straight man would want to deliberately stand that way!

3. The little dances in the endzone.

4. Tight ends? Wide receivers? C’mon people!!!

5. And they’re constantly slapping each other on the ass!!

If this doesn’t convince you,then you’re just happier in the dark.

Okay…I actually did that entire tirade at a place where I used to work,and one guy actually took me seriously,started to eally think about what I said,and later informed me that I had ruined football for him!!! LOL!!!!

Anyway,the game is tonight between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants,and unlike the rest of my family,I’m pulling for the Giants! Why? Because this…

is hotter and sexier than this

I’m sorry but that’s how I pick my teams.

I’ll have some pics of my blankets tonight as my camera is still charging,so I’ll see you all then!

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A windowless room

Sorry dear readers,but I have no pictures today. I forgot to my camera back on its charger last night and the batteries are totally dead,so i wasn’t able to get any shots today. I promise to have some tomorrow though!!

I have decided to work only on the crocheted afghan through Monday as it’s for charity,and I want to get it done ASAP. The Pi blanket will be picked up after Monday. I guess that would be Tuesday. Hmmm…my brain seems to be really kicking in to gear,huh?

I have a pretty good TV day today! Apparently this has been classic sci-fi day!! I’ve been able to watch “Them”, “The Black Hole”, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, and the original “War of the Worlds”!! I am in hog heaven!! So that’s been my day. Have a good night,and don’t forget to swing by tomorrow afternoon for an update!!

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A whole new look and 2 new projects!

First of all,how do ya like the new look? Kinda snazzy and mellow,huh? I love this picture and had to use it!! Now on to the projects.

The slippers that I started yesterday wouldn’t stretch enough to fit my big ol’ boat feet,and Mom doesn’t like that they’re so thick,so they’re going on the back burner for awhile. So,while I was thinking about what to make next,my little voice popped up,and my little voice said to me, “Isabelle.”…my little voice always calls me Isabelle…my little voice said, “Isabelle,you haven’t made anything big in a long time! Why don’t you make a blanket?” Before I go any further,can you guess where that whole thing came from? If you can,leave it on my comment page!

So anyway,I decided to make not one but two blankets today. Or at least start them. My knitted blanket is a Pi shawl by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I was inspired by Jared over at Brooklyntweed and a lady on Ravelry. Jared made a Pi shawl large enough to be used as a blanket. And the Ravelry lady used Red Heart Earth and Sky to make a Pi. Ergo,I combined the two! I started actually last night and this is where I am on it so far…

As you can see,it’s worked completely in the round! For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Pi shawl,you really need to snag a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “Knitter’s Almanac”.  Actually,this book is what I called required reading for anyone that knits!! If you don’t have it,go buy one. Now! I’ll wait. Okay,you back? Got the book? Good. Let’s continue. I’m obviously not allowed to tell you how to make a Pi,but I can give you the basics. You start off with a certain number of stitches that you proceed to double at certain increments. Once you get to a certain point you add a knitted on edging. My Pi has just reached the point where I increased to 288 stitches. I’ll work these stitches for 48 rounds.  A lot of mindless knitting,and just what the doctor ordered.

My other blanket is crocheted. I’m using the Crazy Cloth dishcloth pattern that can be found at

I’ve made a few of these dishcloths,and I love the way they work up,so i figured i could just jack up the size and turn out on afghan using this pattern stitch. So far I have…

The pattern actually starts where you see that yellow tail on the left. But to make it a blanket,it has to sit as the picture shows,which I like as it gives it a neat Log Cabin look! I’m alternating yellow,print,and orange for 10 rows each. I’ll end up with 4 stripes per color and a 63 inch square blanket. This one is for charity.

It’s been a really beautiful day here today,and that’s why these pics were taking outside. Just to let you see what I’ve been looking at through my window today,this is my back yard…

Okay,I gotta run. I posted early today cuz I have a movie coming on TV at 7 tonite. It’s a remake of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” starring Rick Schroeder. Mmmmmm…Schroeder. Have a great night!!

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Today started out okay. I was able to finish up all the pieces that I needed to make the project that I started last night.

I got them all sewn together.

I then seamed it up and had Lisa Auerbach’s Geodesic Dome Hat completed!

I followed the pattern exactly as written in KnitKnit,got the correct guage and everything! It fit me perfectly…around my head. However,the only part of my head that it covered coming down was my crown! It would not fit with me adding at least 2 inches of ribbing,and that would destroy the entire effect of the hat!!! There was only one solution…

After that fiasco was ove,I decided to fix lunch. I started a diet today,so lunch was extremely light compared to what I usually have. Today was half a sammie,5 tortilla chips with salsa,and one dessert cake. Since that’s a good bit less than usual,I ended up with a splitting headache,and I just really felt awful. So I decided that my project for the rest of today was going to have to be like sex with my ex-boyfriend…easy,painless,and over in no time! So I cast on for one of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s 2 needle slippers. You’re supposed to use very thick yarn and size 11 needles for these,but I doubled some stash worsted and used my size 10.5’s. I was able to finish one slipper tonight.

I love the modular design for these slippers. The pattern can be found in EZ’s “Knitting Without Tears”. They won’t fit my boat feet,but they should fit Mom pretty well. We’ll see when I finish the other tomorrow.

So there’s my day. Good night!!

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Five hour baby sweater

As some of you know,I started a five hour baby sweater last night. I finished this morning. This pattern is an old standby for me,and I use it mostly for when I get bored with whatever I’m working on. They churn in 5 hours…I’ve timed myself…and they’re great stash busters! And talk about a quick to make baby gift!!! And just to let you know how easy they are to make;last year I taught a class using this pattern to a group of rank beginners. They all brought back wonderful work! So here’s my 5HBS…

Cute,ain’t it?

After I got done with that, I had to take a break. I’ve been knitting and crocheting almost non stop for 3 weeks now! My fingers are starting to cramp. But I can’t stop completely,so I made…

What in the world is this mess? You know you’re wondering. Well,it’s 12 of 26 pieces needed for a project that will be revealed tomorrow! OOOO..the suspense of it all!!

Have a good night!!

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Okay…a few years back there was an incredible sci-fi show on called “Firefly”.

Without going into a lot of detail, it was basically a bunch of rag tags that didn’t like the way the government ran the ‘verse and decided to do their own thing. Kinda like like mercenaries with ethics…if that makes since. The captain of the ship,which was a Firefly class ship named “Serenity” was played by the very sexy Nathan Fillion.

His crew consisted of a pilot platyed by Alan Tudyk, the captain’s first mate and best friend Zoe (can’t remember who played her or…),the engineer who was a sweet,naive,but oversexed girl,and a tough guy that was really kinda like a dufus with a lotta strength played by sex-on-a-stick Adam Baldwin.

They also have three permanent “guests”. A minister played by Ron Glass,a doctor,and the doctor’s sister that has some weird stuff going on played by the amazing Summer Glau.

Not forgetting the prostitute that rents docking space for her shuttle.

Anyone seeing this show would love it! It was absolutely amazing! Unfortunately it didn’t even finish airing for one season because Joss Whedon refused topander to the Fox network and make all kinds of changes that he deemed unnecassry (sic) and out of character. So Fox pulled the show. Luckily it is available on DVD as is the movie that finally gives “Firefly”s massive cult following (OMG,I’m a member of a cult!) some closure. The movie is called “Serenity”. Watch it!

Anyway,there’s one episode where Adam Baldwin’s character,Jayne,receives a package from his mother. It is one of the stupidest looking/ugliest hats in the ‘verse! It’s also the Cobb family hat. Jayne is extremely proud of this hat and wears it through the entire episode. Of course,no one has the nerve to tell him how ridiculous he looks. Kayley,the engineer,thells him it’s the sweetest hat she’s ever seen. but I love when this happens…

Wash (the pilot); “Man walks down the street wearing a hat like that,people know he’s not afraid of anything.”

Jayne: “Damn straight.”


Anyway I finally decided that I had to have my own Jayne/Cobb family/Firefly hat. Just to let you know ahead of time,the earflaps are actually more of a pumpkin color on the show,but apparently RH only puts that out in the Fall.

Cunning,ain’t it? (Firefly reference)

I can’t remember the site that I got this pattern from,but if you google “Jayne Cobb hat” scroll down till you see “Redshirtknitting”. That’s where this pattern came from. Hope you like it!!

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Tychus and a cupcake

I’ve always been a bit slow on the uptake. Years ago, Knitty put out the Tychus hat pattern and a whoooole lot people went nuts for it. I was one of those people. I just got around to making my first Tychus. Like I said…a bit slow on the uptake. Anyway, I had some black and claret RH in my stash,and so that’s what i used. I think it turned out okay.

And now on my head…

The hat looks good. The person…not so much.

Also,last night I cast on for the cutest hat pattern I have ever seen! It’s designed for a 1-4 year old and I had to make one. I finished it up this afternoon,and you’d be lying if you told me this hat isn’t adorable!

It’s called the Cupcake and it’s a free pattern from

I enjoyed making it,but the “nubbles” were a bit of a pain to do.

Now I’m working on my Jayne Cobb hat. If you’re not familiar with “Firefly” jump back on tomorrow. The hat will be done and I’ll be on a “Firefly” rant!


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Another sleepless night

For some unknown reason, I woke up this morning at 1:30 and could not get back to sleep. So I’ve been awake since then. It’s now 8 P.M. During the day, a few things got accomplished.

First off, I decided that with all the hats that I’ve been making, I haven’t made one for myself. This one was made between the time I woke up and 4:30 in the A.M.

I used the same shaping and stuff from the Swell hat that I’ve been using all week. But the pattern i got from a sock! The only modifications I made was using 80 stitches instead of 77 so as to make the pattern fit. I also had to make a small modificartion ob the decreases because of the added stitches. I think it turned out great! And thanks to my nephew for modeling it for me! You can find both patterns at:



After that I decided to cast on a project to carry with me to the SnB, so I cast on my first Tychus. I worked on it the whole time we did our SnB meeting and got through 3 pattern repeats.

I would have finished it, but I was talking more than knitting, and at one point I made a major mistake, so I had to make a trip to the frog pond. Still I’m happy with it! This particular SnB met for the first time today, and went really well. i was happy because I’m the one that started this group. So now I’m in 3 SnB groups! Six people showed up for this one, and we got a lot of attention sitting in Barnes and Noble! We may grow! Hopefully. There was one sad note to this meeting. It was our time to say goodbye to my dear friend Kat. She’s one of the best knitters I know, and though we’ve only known each other for a few months, I feel that we made a great friendship. She got a job offer in Atlanta that she couldn’t turn down and is moving a few weeks. She’ll be missed. We’ll stay in touch through our blogs and email, but it won’t be the same. The one thing is, I plan on going to Dragon Con this year and she’s one of the main people there,so… I did get a shot of the two of us before she left.

After the meeting was over, I headed across the street with Kat to a craft store. She needed dye for her yarn that she spun and I wanted to check on a few things. After she left,i hung out to see some friends that I haven’t talked to in awhile. While doing that, I ran into my aunt, so we walked down to a new bead  shop in town. She bought a few things, including this pair of scissors for me…

So that was my day. Have a good night!

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