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Norwegian Baby Sweater-part deaux


It is now three hours exactly since my last post,and I’ve gotten one sleeve completed. It was a total bitch to do as I’ve never done fair isle on dpn’s before. 22 years of knitting,and this was a first for me! I was worrying about puckering,but I only have one place where the pucker is noticeable,and that ‘s barely,so I’m content with. I feel it will more than likely work out in the blocking,so…

Since I’m not one to wait for the second sleeve before jumping in,I decided to go ahead and sew this sleeve in. First I had to sew and cut the steek.

This was a bit nerve-wracking as even though I’ve done steeking before,it’s always been where I had a steek placket of 4-5 sts. This piece only as 1 stitch for the steek,so it’s more important that the sewing up bit is done properly. Once the steek was cut,and I was sure that there was no raveling,I did a three needle bind off on the shoulder. I decided to do this on the outside of the sweater to create a decorative ridge on the shoulder. This is traditional in Norwegian and Faeroese sweaters and very prevelent in Salish Indian sweaters.

After the bind off was completed,I sewed in the sleeve,and am very happy with the way it looks!

One more sleeve to go,then the hem. I’m contemplating working a small hem on the neckline as well. The pattern calls for it to be only set up as bound off sts,but that causes it to roll out a little bit,showing the floats on the inside of the sweater. I could rib it,but I like the boat neck appearance of this piece. Well,that’s not going to needed for little while anyway. I have decided to put the sweater down for the rest of the day,and work on something mindless for the rest of today…either a coupla dishcloths or my Pi blanket.

So I’ll call it a day for blogging and say until tomorrow!