Posted by: 1craftyboy | February 17, 2008

Norwegian Baby Sweater-part 1

One of the things I love about Ravelry is the amount of patterns one can find. Late Thursday night,I couldn’t sleep,so I was looking at some free baby patterns on Ravelry. I like to work baby patterns because they’re quick to make,it’s a perfect way to learn or practice new techniques,and they can go to charity if you don’t know a baby. The one that really struck me on that search was a sweater done in classic Norwegian knitting!

For those of you that aren’t familiar…Norwegians classicly knit completely in the round,from the bottom all the way to the shoulders. The sleeves are knit in the round separately. The sleeve holes are cut open in the body,and the sleeves are sewn in. This is called steeking. This is one technique that is not for nervous. Every time I’ve done steeks,I’ve had to hold my breath while cutting them open. If they aren’t sewn properly,they will ravel like mad!

Anyway,I printed up the pattern and put it on hold until Friday afternoon. After finishing Matthew’s b-day hat Friday morning,I went into my stash and pulled out some lovely forest green wool and a gorgeous oatmeal wool,both of which were very close to the pattern. I know that wool is considered by many to be too good to go to charity,but I wanted to work the pattern in wool to keep with the tradition…plus acrylic really sucks when it comes to steeking.

I cast on about 1 pm on Friday,and finished the body of the sweater just a while ago. It’s now 8:20 Sunday morning. Like I said,baby stuff is quick! Here’s the body as it sits…

The tan yarn that you see is holding the shoulder seams in place. The shoulders are not seamed until after the steeks are cut. The steeks can’t be cut until after the sleeves are done,so that you can be sure where they fit. Speaking of steeks,in this pic you’ll see a solid line of green going down the pattern…

This is the steek that will be cut open for the sleeve hole. All that’s left of this sweater is the sleeves,the steeking,seaming and sewing of the parts,and then I pick up all the way around the bottom and knit 10 rounds that will be turned up and sewn in place for a hem.

I’m really enjoying this pattern,but there is one thing that’s driving me crazy. I’m following the pattern as written,but one shoulder has 27 sts where as the other has only 24 sts. I’ve reworked 3 times,and it keeps coming up like that. I know I should frog it out to the shoulders and  just fix the stitch count,but I look at it like this. The piece is not going on a baby at all. The charity bit that I’m making this piece for is for it to go on a teddy bear to be given to a needy or distressed child. Since Teddy will be wearing it,it doesn’t need to be perfect. And I have waaaaaaay too much to do in my queue of “real” pieces to worry if Teddy likes his sweater or not.

Shoot me in the foot if you like,but That’s just the way it has to be for now. If this sweater were going on a child,then yes,I’d fix it,but….

Anyway,that’s been my day so far. Later!!


  1. The sweater is absolutely gorgeous!! I’ve never done steeking but I’m sure I’ll wade into the waters soon. Take care!

  2. You do beautiful work! It’s really lovely. 🙂 Have a great day…& night lol.

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