Posted by: 1craftyboy | February 15, 2008

Not so Happy Valentine’s Day

Well,where to begin. As amny of you know,my nephew Justin has been livig here with me and Mom for close to 2 years. Mom and Justin have had extreme arguements for close to 2 years now. Justin does not believe that any rules should apply to him…and apparently that’s a trend with teenagers nowadays. Anyhow,Monday they had a big stupid arguement because Justin decided that he didn’t want to be in the room he’s always lived in since moving in,but that he should have the upstairs room. Here’s the flaw in that.

The bathroom upstairs does not work. He would have to constantly be going up and down the stairs to use the bathroom,shower,etc.
The upstairs room is directly above my mother’s bedroom. Show me one 69 year old woman that wants a teenager and all his friends stomping around over her head.
Justin has an annoying habit of not coming home at night until 1 or 2 in the morning. Again,who wants someone coming in at that time of night banging upstairs and stomping around?

There’s more to add to that,but you get my drift. So,like I said,there was a big stupid fight and Justin announced that he was moving out. He left with a bag of clothes. Okay,big deal. He’s pulled this crap before. Yesterday he came back and got all his clothes,his guitar,and a few things. Still,no biggie. He’s might stay away for a week. Like I said,he’s pilled this crap before. He doesn’t get his way,he leaves for a week or two,Mom begs him to come home. This has happened 4 times since moving in.

Today,he shows up with my Dad’s trailer and takes all his furniture! Bed,dresser,tables,chair,giant screen TV,the works! The kid really has moved out!!! Well,he turns 18 tomorrow,so it’s completely legal in this state,so there’s nothing anyone can say to him. Apparently his best friend’s mother is letting Justin rent one of their outbuildings to live in. So he’s officialy gone. Mom’s been either crying,moping,or cleaning all day long. Me? I keep telling her to let it go cause he has to learn. The world ain’t as easy as he tries to believe it is. He’s always had things handed to him,and this will be a test to see if he can truly depend on himself.

BTW,he doesn’t have a job any longer,as his boss let him go…again,so he has no money for rent,food,or gas. Or insurance on his car. I give him maybe a month,possibly 2 before he’s living back here and screaming at Mom about how nobody cares about him because he’s not getting his way again. Oh! Here’s a picture that I took today of Justin and his best friend,who he’s staying with. His name is also Justin,so my Justin is on the left…

So that’s been my day. have a great night!

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