Posted by: 1craftyboy | February 14, 2008

Ends and odds

Well, I got this to thinking yesterdat and decided to try on my vest that I’ve been working on since last Thursday,and guess what? It don’t fit!!! It actually looks like I’ve been swimming in fabric. So off I went to the frog pond. The yarn is too great not to use as a vest,so I went out and found a great pattern! Still, I didn’t want to start it immediately,so…

I decided to do a small project and since I have this incredible thick wool in my stash,I decided to knit up Knitting Daily’s “Comfy Socks”. I finished up one last night…

I really love the way they work up! You use a thick yarn and size 11 needles,so they’re like really fast and that’s a bonus! Still,I have a habit of falling into second sock I’m letting it sit until I finish off a coupla things. Another reason for this is the fact that Southern winters are still quite warm,so thick socks aren’t really necessary.

So this morning I worked up a cute little scrubbie that I found on Ravelry. Super quick and super cute!!

It takes like alittle less than an hour total to make. If you’d like to give it a go,please find the pattern at

Also,my nephew Matthew’s birthday is this coming Monday,but we’re doing the party Friday night. Do I hear b-day knitting? Matthew loves anime and is getting huge into skulls right now,so I combined the skull fair isle pattern from “Son of a Stitch and Bitch” and the”Swell” pattern from and so far have this…

The genderal consensus is he will love this hat! I’m definitely going to get a shot Friday night of him wearing it to post.

So that’s that! Have a great night!!!


  1. Fun projects! Your skull cap is coming out awesome.

  2. The skull cap looks great!:)..I am sure your nephew will love it!!

    That scrubby looks cute!
    Do you use 100% cotton only for items like that? I never crocheted anything for my kitchen.


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