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Bosnian crochet


Lately I’ve been doing some heavy reading over at my online friend David’s blog. He has a lot of great info on crochet…some of the stuff I’ve either not heard of or haven’t seen so well done. One of the things david is a genius with is slip stitch crochet. That’s where the Bosnian crochet comes in.

Bosnian crochet is really great because it’s all completely done in slip stitch. That’s it…just slip stitch. Inspired by David, I decided to make a little Bosnian crochet pouch.

The picture is really fuzzy, but you can get a basic idea. The bottom, center, and top bands are done while slip stitching only in the back loop while the other two bands are worked in the front loops only…again only in slip stitch. I really can’t go into much more detail than that. It’s just slip stitch in the round. If you want to get some really wonderful tutorials on slip stitch crochet, please check David at  http://ayarnifiedlife.blogspot.com

On a different note, I’m up to the 50th row of my “Petrol” vest…

Again…the picture is crap, but it’s not really easy to take a great shot of a piece that’s work on circular needles. Once I get to the point where the pieces become separated into back and front I’ll be able to get some better shots. However, that won’t be until I hit the 100th round or so. 46 rounds equals 6.25 inches and the dividing point isn’t until 14 inches, so…

So that’s about it. Oh! I had a pretty good job interview and I’m hoping to get called back for a second interview, as that’s usually a good sign that the job’s in the bag. I’ve been doing positive affirmations on this and they’ve worked for me before, so I’m in a pretty positive place. So that’s that. Have a great night!