Posted by: 1craftyboy | February 10, 2008


Apparently it was a dog’s day at the ole homestead today! This was the picture taken while I was away…

From left to right is-Baby (my Italian Greyhound),Belle (Mom’s Cocker Spaniel), and Peepers (Mom’s Golden Lab/Chow Mix). We obviously need a bigger sunbeam!

While this was going on, I spent the day visiting with my friends at the stitch and bitch! I took 2 projects with me. One was a set of mitts. Yes, another set. This set is the “Dashing” pattern from The yarn is this gorgeous wool blend in deep green…

It looks lighter than it is because of the flash. Anyway, I worked on the first of the pair up to the 38th round. Once I got home and sat down to finish of the mitt, I saw that I didn’t pay careful enough attention to the pattern and had made a boo-boo. Usually I would have let it go, but this pair is meant for my Pop, so I went to the frog pond. There’s no rush on them as they are actually intended as his Christmas gift…so that gives me several months, but I want to knit this pattern so they’ll get started on real soon.

Luckily for mw I have another project that I started last night after binding off my Irish mitts. A dear friend who is moving away gifted me with a HUGE stash of cotton blend yarn that she had. The minute I saw it, I knew it was destined to be a vest for me. I’m now on the 25th round and even though the picture is horrible, you can see the yarn pretty well…

It’s Bernat Denim in a beep burgundy and ecru mix. I love the ragg look of it and I can’t wait to finish the piece. I’ve never worked a cotton blend hyarn like this before, and it’s a little rough on my fingers as I tend to knit fast, but I’m really liking this! The pattern for this piece is also from Knitty. It’s the “Petrol” pattern. The pattern actually calls for a contrasting stripe to be knit into it, but I think the ragg yarn is enough of a texture and apperance, so that’s all I’m going to use.

I also have the 2 blankets languishing away. It’s just been too warm to worry about those right now. So that’s been my day.

Have a great night!!

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