Posted by: 1craftyboy | February 1, 2008


Today started out okay. I was able to finish up all the pieces that I needed to make the project that I started last night.

I got them all sewn together.

I then seamed it up and had Lisa Auerbach’s Geodesic Dome Hat completed!

I followed the pattern exactly as written in KnitKnit,got the correct guage and everything! It fit me perfectly…around my head. However,the only part of my head that it covered coming down was my crown! It would not fit with me adding at least 2 inches of ribbing,and that would destroy the entire effect of the hat!!! There was only one solution…

After that fiasco was ove,I decided to fix lunch. I started a diet today,so lunch was extremely light compared to what I usually have. Today was half a sammie,5 tortilla chips with salsa,and one dessert cake. Since that’s a good bit less than usual,I ended up with a splitting headache,and I just really felt awful. So I decided that my project for the rest of today was going to have to be like sex with my ex-boyfriend…easy,painless,and over in no time! So I cast on for one of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s 2 needle slippers. You’re supposed to use very thick yarn and size 11 needles for these,but I doubled some stash worsted and used my size 10.5’s. I was able to finish one slipper tonight.

I love the modular design for these slippers. The pattern can be found in EZ’s “Knitting Without Tears”. They won’t fit my boat feet,but they should fit Mom pretty well. We’ll see when I finish the other tomorrow.

So there’s my day. Good night!!


  1. wow, thats brutal – both the comment about the exboyfriend (dont we all have one like that?), as well as throwing the whole thing away. you should have taken a pic of how short it was! I’m sure a group of 5k persons could have come up with SOME way to salvage it.

    btw i like your slipper – it kind of looks like a sideways heart -and love is always good.

    -dani w-

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