Posted by: 1craftyboy | February 1, 2008

A whole new look and 2 new projects!

First of all,how do ya like the new look? Kinda snazzy and mellow,huh? I love this picture and had to use it!! Now on to the projects.

The slippers that I started yesterday wouldn’t stretch enough to fit my big ol’ boat feet,and Mom doesn’t like that they’re so thick,so they’re going on the back burner for awhile. So,while I was thinking about what to make next,my little voice popped up,and my little voice said to me, “Isabelle.”…my little voice always calls me Isabelle…my little voice said, “Isabelle,you haven’t made anything big in a long time! Why don’t you make a blanket?” Before I go any further,can you guess where that whole thing came from? If you can,leave it on my comment page!

So anyway,I decided to make not one but two blankets today. Or at least start them. My knitted blanket is a Pi shawl by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I was inspired by Jared over at Brooklyntweed and a lady on Ravelry. Jared made a Pi shawl large enough to be used as a blanket. And the Ravelry lady used Red Heart Earth and Sky to make a Pi. Ergo,I combined the two! I started actually last night and this is where I am on it so far…

As you can see,it’s worked completely in the round! For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Pi shawl,you really need to snag a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “Knitter’s Almanac”.  Actually,this book is what I called required reading for anyone that knits!! If you don’t have it,go buy one. Now! I’ll wait. Okay,you back? Got the book? Good. Let’s continue. I’m obviously not allowed to tell you how to make a Pi,but I can give you the basics. You start off with a certain number of stitches that you proceed to double at certain increments. Once you get to a certain point you add a knitted on edging. My Pi has just reached the point where I increased to 288 stitches. I’ll work these stitches for 48 rounds.  A lot of mindless knitting,and just what the doctor ordered.

My other blanket is crocheted. I’m using the Crazy Cloth dishcloth pattern that can be found at

I’ve made a few of these dishcloths,and I love the way they work up,so i figured i could just jack up the size and turn out on afghan using this pattern stitch. So far I have…

The pattern actually starts where you see that yellow tail on the left. But to make it a blanket,it has to sit as the picture shows,which I like as it gives it a neat Log Cabin look! I’m alternating yellow,print,and orange for 10 rows each. I’ll end up with 4 stripes per color and a 63 inch square blanket. This one is for charity.

It’s been a really beautiful day here today,and that’s why these pics were taking outside. Just to let you see what I’ve been looking at through my window today,this is my back yard…

Okay,I gotta run. I posted early today cuz I have a movie coming on TV at 7 tonite. It’s a remake of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” starring Rick Schroeder. Mmmmmm…Schroeder. Have a great night!!


  1. Love your blog! And the new look is fantastic! I envy your view, and you do knit beautifully!

  2. I love your backyard view…sure beats what I have to look at in my backyard. I read down thru your blog and read with great interest about Firefly. Loved that series. Me personally, I am in love with Zoe!!!! I loved her in Xena, and in Cleopatra something or other (also short-lived too…) She was the reason that I watched that show (Firefly). Your work is beautiful. I have a blog at yahoo360. Just starting to add pics to it. My pics are at Crochet Partners under Cat’s Needlework. Thanks for sharing.

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