Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 31, 2008

Five hour baby sweater

As some of you know,I started a five hour baby sweater last night. I finished this morning. This pattern is an old standby for me,and I use it mostly for when I get bored with whatever I’m working on. They churn in 5 hours…I’ve timed myself…and they’re great stash busters! And talk about a quick to make baby gift!!! And just to let you know how easy they are to make;last year I taught a class using this pattern to a group of rank beginners. They all brought back wonderful work! So here’s my 5HBS…

Cute,ain’t it?

After I got done with that, I had to take a break. I’ve been knitting and crocheting almost non stop for 3 weeks now! My fingers are starting to cramp. But I can’t stop completely,so I made…

What in the world is this mess? You know you’re wondering. Well,it’s 12 of 26 pieces needed for a project that will be revealed tomorrow! OOOO..the suspense of it all!!

Have a good night!!


  1. great baby sweater and the cupcake hat gave me a big smile.
    got to make both of these.

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