Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 27, 2008

Another sleepless night

For some unknown reason, I woke up this morning at 1:30 and could not get back to sleep. So I’ve been awake since then. It’s now 8 P.M. During the day, a few things got accomplished.

First off, I decided that with all the hats that I’ve been making, I haven’t made one for myself. This one was made between the time I woke up and 4:30 in the A.M.

I used the same shaping and stuff from the Swell hat that I’ve been using all week. But the pattern i got from a sock! The only modifications I made was using 80 stitches instead of 77 so as to make the pattern fit. I also had to make a small modificartion ob the decreases because of the added stitches. I think it turned out great! And thanks to my nephew for modeling it for me! You can find both patterns at:



After that I decided to cast on a project to carry with me to the SnB, so I cast on my first Tychus. I worked on it the whole time we did our SnB meeting and got through 3 pattern repeats.

I would have finished it, but I was talking more than knitting, and at one point I made a major mistake, so I had to make a trip to the frog pond. Still I’m happy with it! This particular SnB met for the first time today, and went really well. i was happy because I’m the one that started this group. So now I’m in 3 SnB groups! Six people showed up for this one, and we got a lot of attention sitting in Barnes and Noble! We may grow! Hopefully. There was one sad note to this meeting. It was our time to say goodbye to my dear friend Kat. She’s one of the best knitters I know, and though we’ve only known each other for a few months, I feel that we made a great friendship. She got a job offer in Atlanta that she couldn’t turn down and is moving a few weeks. She’ll be missed. We’ll stay in touch through our blogs and email, but it won’t be the same. The one thing is, I plan on going to Dragon Con this year and she’s one of the main people there,so… I did get a shot of the two of us before she left.

After the meeting was over, I headed across the street with Kat to a craft store. She needed dye for her yarn that she spun and I wanted to check on a few things. After she left,i hung out to see some friends that I haven’t talked to in awhile. While doing that, I ran into my aunt, so we walked down to a new bead  shop in town. She bought a few things, including this pair of scissors for me…

So that was my day. Have a good night!


  1. Wow finally a blog where you’ve got boy patterns. I’ve got 3 young teen boys and a 7yr old boy, They’d love your hats.

  2. I was right – you *are* making cool things! I love this hat. I’ve been making alot of slippers for the Heet the Feet challenge at the Native American Support Yahoo group, but I want to move on to hats next month (you only need to make one, LOL). Glad you joined us at Knit Talk.

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