Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 25, 2008

What i did today

A few days ago,my friend Cindi asked if I could make a hat for her grandson. I, of course, said sure! I didn’t start it until last night as I wouldn’t be seeing her until tomorrow, and I really like the way it turned out!

I used Red Heart in Black and Royal Blue and the same wave pattern that I used in an earlier post. If you look close enough,you can see the Peace symbol on the earflap! I love this pattern, and it will be staying around for quite awhile!

Also, some of you may recall that I got a book a few months ago for free called “Instant Crochet”.

Well, today I really looked through this book. All the pictures are drawings, so there’s no way of knowing what anything actually looks like and all the patterns are the usual hideousness of the 70’s, but one pattern stood out for me. It’s another afghan pattern and it’s the perfect way to use up all my scraps! It’s done in motifs and the only common denominator is the border color used on the motifs…like a granny afghan. But these motifs are a type of lower that i haven’t seen before!

I only made the one to give you an idea of what it looks like,cuz right now I do not need another afghan going! Two at time is my limit! Of course, this would make an ideal traveling project. Hmm. And I do have a Stitch N Bitch tomorrow. Hmmm. No…I already have a Tychus hat started for the SNB. But…what if I finish it before the meetings over? Hmmmmm. All right. I’ll take a skein of scrap yarn with me. The Tychus has black in it so I can use what’s left as the border.

So that’s been my day. Oh! A few readers have suggested that I try to sell online, and i found out that I can use PayPal to do so,so look out for me to be opening an online store soon! I won’t be using Etsy as they require a credit card,and I don’t have one…nor will I ever have one. I know myself too well to trust myself with a credit card.

So there’s that. Have a good night,and I’ll be back later!!


  1. Any idea where I can get that book ?
    My granddaughters would love that pink set on that cover:)

    Thank you,

    Ps: I love that flower:)

  2. I avoid crochet like the plague–too hard on the wrists–but that flower is calling to me. I really like that.

  3. I hit submit too fast–I meant to add, and that hat is really cool. The peace symbol tops it off for me.

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