Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 24, 2008

Killing time

This post is really nothing more than me killing time while I wait for Project Runway to come on. I love that show!! Right now,I have to say that I cannot stand that little twerp,Chrstian. He thinks he’s the only designer in the room and that everybody else is playing with paper dolls! I admit…he’s good,and at 19,he’s got a great career ahead of gim. but I cannot stand his attitude! Every single episode,he talks about how everyone else has made garbage and he flaunts about the workroom telling the other designers what they’re doing wrong!

My favorite designer is Chris. He’s not really great…I just love his personality. Then I have to say..Rami. Even though he can be a bit snotty. And what kind of 50 year old goes about calling herself Sweet P? What is that?

On another note,in my last post I had a really nice hat to show. I was sent a comment from someone saying that she saw the same hat,but with 4 fpdc’s on Etsy being sold for 38 bucks. The writer asked the seller about the pattern and was told the pattern wasn’t available. That she designed this hat herself for her own use. The write figured out a hat on her own. The Etsy hat is not that different from the hat that I made,from an available hat! If you’d like to try one like I made,follow this link…

Okay,my show’s on,so I’ll see ya’ll later!


  1. Hi again:)
    If you you would like I could send you a picture of that hat that I is exactly the same like that one on etsy . I could sent you “my pattern” of that hat if you would like. I strongly believe that woman from etsy used that pattern that you just posted..she just tweak that a little. And her brim is made EXACTLY like in this pattern.
    Did you see those hats at etsy?, she is calling them Mary Jane hats…if not you should see that. Those hats are selling like hot cakes…I could tell that by looking at her feedback’s.

    You are doing beautiful work! And there is no reason that you should be selling your hats for only 5 bucks:(. You could make a lot more on ebay or etsy.


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