Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 22, 2008


Last night we had our bi-monthly meeting of the Irmo Crochet Enthusiasts, and a good time was had by all. I couldn’t for the life of me stop saying the word “stunning”! Everything that was brought up, I replied that it was “stunning”. LOL! I haven’t the foggiest idea why that was the word of the day, but I finally told everybody that apparently my gay was showing! LOL!!

Anyway, I took a hat with me to work on. It’s a pattern called “City Girl cap” from last years “Crochet-A-Day” calender that Annie Modesitt edited. It’s a neat pattern,but I will say now that doing bpdc increases is not fun!! At least not for me. But the trouble was worth it! I used Red Heart yarn in Sandy Print and I think it turned out really nice!

This picture will give a better look at the post stitches…

The hat is meant to be for females,but I think I nay be sporting it myself! I doubt very seriously I’ll make another one,so if I want one,this will be it.

Also last night,my friend Christine brought me some yarn to make a blanket with that will be donated to SisterCare. that’s the charity the group decided to work with the time around,and we’re all making blankets for them. Being unemplyed means that I can’t afford enough yarn to make a blanket that will be given away. Right now,all my yarn purchases are being used to make items that I’m selling. So Christine gave me 3 skeins each of Red Heart in Yellow,Orange, and Sunshine Print. I knew that I had no real idea what i was going to make pattern-wise,but i figured I could work something up. Then this morning one of the guys on the group “Men Who Crochet” (waving to Dick W.) posted about a friend of his that has a really wonderful blog. I popped over and she had made a great looking blanket using the pattern that she got from

I was inspired and grabbed up the yarn and got started! So far I’m at this point…

I admit right off that I am not at all happy with the variegated squares. I didn’t realize the hearts are completely hidden until I had gotten to this point. I don’t feel like going to the frog pond, so I’m leaving those two squares in and calling these two sections the middle point of the blanket. That’s the great thing about this kind of join…you can really join at any part of the blanket. My blanket has six rows total,so these two rows will be the center. Prblem solved. I’m going to use some red yarn from my stash to replace the print in the rest of the blanket. To see the originnal inspiration for my blanket,please go to Cynthia’s blog at

Not only is her version of this blanket much better than mine,but her other work is wonderful!!

And now to the bad news of the day. First of all,if you haven’t heard yet,the great actor Heath Ledger is dead. At 28. Supposedly the police belive drugs to be involved. I’m stunned by this.

Also,on a more personal note,my dear friend Kat is moving away. 😦 This has nagged at me all day long. I love Kat,and she has been very inspiring to me over the short time we’ve known each other. I know we’ll keep in touch through email and our blogs,but it just ain’t the same. Tears.

So that’s been my day. Take care!!


  1. Khebhin, the ghan is really coming out cute! I cant wait to see it finished 🙂

    The cap is really nice, too. Never made one with a brim…I’ll have to try that sometime 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. You do beautiful work and are really talented. I can only do a few stitches, but I find they do really make the difference when I put them on the edges of knitted objects. Right now I’m down with a tendon injury in my right elbow, a pinched nerve in my right forearm and still suffering from tennis elbow in my left arm. I miss crafting so much. But I do enjoy checking out your blog as your work is so inspiring! Keep on crafting.


  3. I have a story to tell about that brim hat.
    Couple weeks ago I came across that hat at etsy site.
    That person is selling a lot of them for $38.00. I like that hat and I wanted to crochet that in pink for my two little granddaughters. I asked to buy that pattern the reply was: it is not for sale.
    For me it was a mystery for me how that ribbing effect was accomplished ..on that hat at etsy it was little wider 4 FPdc was used instead of two (on your pic.)
    I just knew that I need to figure it out how to make that hat.
    I been crocheting only about year &, I don’t have much experience. I email my friend with that picture asking her for help. According to her: the hat was done first and those vertical lines (to create that ribbing effect) were crocheted on top. That didn’t sound right to me but (looking at that pic.), but for the next couple evenings I was trying to do just wasn’t not working!:(…few days later I turned to someone else for help and that didn’t worked out well. I was ready to give up on that hat many times. But I still was practicing those back post stitches once a while…and all of a sudden I sew something similar to that ribbing look on that hat (I call that a “mystery hat”). I got so exited I crocheted more rounds in that sequence…and I knew I got it!
    I was sooo exited I email my friend about that at 3:00AM, and went to bed with a smile:)
    The next day all I needed to do it was to figure it out how many stitches and where to get the the same look and the right size. I finished that hat last week, it looks beautiful in pink:)..all I need to do now is to make one more:)

    This morning I got email from my friend with your blog link, saying: you are not the only one who like that hat.
    At this point I do not know if I should laugh at this or fell “angry” since I spend sooo much time trying to figure all that out on my own.

    I thought that that woman from etsy created that pattern only for her own use.

    Ps; sorry for my bad english writing.

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