Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 19, 2008

What I’ve been up to

Well,I know it’s been a bit since my last post,soo there’s a few things to catch up on. First,earlier this week,I was reading the blogs that I enjoy,and came across a beautiful shawl done by Ken over at “That Crochet Guy”. I fell in love with the look of the shawl and had to make one of my own! Ken used some Red Heart Soft on his in a stunning buttery yellow color. Well,being unemplyed means that I cannot afford to go out and buy yarn,so I did some stash diving and came up with two skeins of Caron Simply Soft in Plum Heather. If you haven’t noticed yet,I have a purple fetish! I had to go off the pictures on Ken’s blog since I couldn’t afford to purchase the pattern,and I think it’s coming along nicely!

I’m on my third skein of yarn,and a fourth lies in wait. I don’t know what size hook Ken used,so I grabbed an “H” hook to get the close gauge that appears in his shawl. After 2 skeins,I wasn’t satisfied with the length,so I’m going to add in until I’m happy…or until all 4 skeins are used up. I know this breaks my rule of no longer making things that I can’t use,but this shawl will be used for my Stevie Nicks listening times!

Also,last week,my Mom took one off my hats to work with her,and people started asking if they could get one made! So far,I’ve sold two crocheted hats,and have orders up for 4 more hats!!!! I only charge $5.oo for my hats,and everyone tells me that that’s not enough,but I honestly don’t see anyone in this area willing to pay more than that. In fact, many people have actually gotten mad at me for charging that much!! Anyway,two of the hats are already done for my 4 piece order. Kim wants 2 earflap hats (that’s what evefryone wants-earflaps) for her boys…one in black and white and the other done in black and garnet. Apparently USC and Mid-Carloina High School have the same school colors. These are the ones for the boys…

Kim wants a pure black crocheted earflap hat for herself. I’ll work it up tomorrow. She wants them all on Monday,so that’s cool. I also have one of the knitted earflaps on the needles for myself using the navy and gold yarn left over from Dad’s Notre Dame afghan. Also have a mesh hat on the hook and a jacket done in black and red on the hook. Hope to get the jacket done by Monday night to have a picture taken on a model! We’ll see on that.

So that’s about it. I still am on the Great American Job hunt,but I’m not as depressed as i have been since I’m making a little bit of coin on my crochet and knitting. I’m also going to churn a few out to take with me to the flea market in two weeks time. I have some other stuff to sell,and the hats will be an extra thing. Okay,so thta’s my week. Luvya all!!


  1. Love the shawl!! and from photos only. Cool
    Maybe you can get the pattern number for others and publish it.
    I would also like the info on the saraphina (sp) shawl and your “corrections” if you’d be willing

  2. I think your hats are really special and I think you would be able to sell them online for more money than what you are charging in your local town. Have you thought of starting an etsy shop, or just set up a sale page on your blog/web-site? You could use paypal or take personal checks. I would charge no less than $25 or $30 for your groovy hats. Go for it!!!

  3. Hey Khebhin,

    The shawl looks good. Although the pattern isn’t mine,here’s the address where I saw it:


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