Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 13, 2008

Some help and some charity

Okay,to start off with…one of my readers emailed me and said she was having trouble with the directions for the Double Irish Chain afghan. So here’s a little tutorial.

First you make your beginning square. the right side will have both tails on the left of the piece. In this picture,I have the hook pointing at the spot where you will join for your next row. Remember,each diagonal strip counts as 1 row. You do not count the rows in each block as a row of the afghan!

At this point,you will add your next yarn and work a new block. This is the first block of row 1! You will join this block to the first block with slip stitches on block rows 1,3,and 5. Block row 5 join will be the 1st sc of the 5th row of the 1st block. It will look like this…

Now you will chain 1. DO NOT TURN! You will be working on the top of the beginning block. Work your next block on this point! It will look like this…

Again,all your tails will be pointing to the left of the piece,and I have the hook pointing to where you will join the yarn next. The only times you will break the yarn is at the end of a diagonal row,or when changing colors. I hope this helps! Let me know if it’s not that clear.

Today,I goofe about really as far as crochet work goes. I was playing around online, and came across the cutest,easiest little bear pattern! The lady the designed it intends for them to be used as charity. That’s my intention as well. I figure I can make one a day easily,and have a good chunk by the end of next month to take to the kids in hospital. They really take no time to make. And they only take a minute amount of yarn. Instead of polyfil,I used a cotton ball to stuff mine. The first one is this little cutie…

Anyone interested in the pattern,please go to

I promise…they are easy pleasy to make!

Also,the Irmo Crochet Enthusiasts,of which I am a member,has decided to make afghans for SisterCare. This is an organization that takes in battered women and their kids when they escape the abuser. The people stay there until they can get back on their feet. We’re making adult and child sized afghans. Being as I am unemployed,and thereby unable to buy yarn,I was very concerned how I would participate in this. I voiced my concerns during my morning walk,and one of the neighbors that walks with me said she had some yarn that I was welcome to! I went over and was able to grab up some blue and white yarn that she had that was usuable. I say that,because the rest was knotted up and really quite ugly! I started a cool blanket that looks like this so far…

So that’s been my day. Other than that,I went out driving with Justin in his new car. He got a used Dodge Neon. He wanted someone in the family to ride in it at least once,so he took me around to the gas station so I could get a soda. The boy can drive a stick,but not well. I felt like I was being jerked all over the car! And I looked over to see his monitor board, and discovered that his speedomoeter doesn’t work!! When I said something to him,he replied, “I know,but you can feel how fast you’re going,so it’s okay.” YIPES!! Needless to say,I won’t be getting back in that car!

Okay,so I’ll be back later! Take care!!


  1. The shawl looks good!!

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