Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 8, 2008

Scrap Heap

Okay,I’m not in a really good place mentally right now,so I’ve had to put away the Double Irish Chain afghan until I’m in a better place because it’s just way too much to have to think about. So yesterday I pulled out all my scrap yarns and started an afghan using them. I grabbed my “J” hook and just chained until I was happy with the length. I got 250 chains total. After that,I made one simple rule: I close my eyes,jam my hand into the scrap basket,and pull out a yarn. Whatever I pull out has to be the one used. I single crochet 1 row only of each color as pulled out. I also only work with the right side facing,and am working the piece so that it’s self fringing. Oh,it’s also worked side to side. So far it looks like this…

I am still working on my “sit at the computer” socks. One is completed and the other one is half way through the gusset. The only other thing that I did that’s a bit different is that instead of grafting the toes shut,I used a 3 needle bind off. I think I saw Priscilla Gibson-Roberts do this somewhere.

Other news is that I had a job interview today. It went well and I am supposed to start tomorrow at 9 A.M. The only thing is that it’s telemarketing…which I guess is okay when you really have no other real options…but the bad part is that it’s completely done on commission. So I don’t know if I’ll be going in. I’m going to talk to my Mom about it and see what she says. I’ve got to do something because,like I said,I’m not in a good place. I’m starting to get very depressed,have no pride or self-esteem,can’t deal with the fact that I’m not self-sufficient,and am starting to feel a little…I don’t know.

Anyway,I did do a little bit on the DIC afghan,and this is where it’s at so far…

So that’s it far now. I’ll be back later!


  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so down. I’m inclined to say give the job a try. Better than stewing and worrying. You can look for something better in the meanwhile. But I don’t really have enough information to properly evaluate, so go with what feels right to you. You socks and afghans are all looking great.

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