Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 4, 2008

What’s going on

Not much has really been happening of late. I have been really good about my resolutions so far. Hey,4 days is a record for me! I usually give up by day two! I have been excersing each day. I actually typed up a regimen yesterday that I’ll be following. I can’t afford to go to a gym (unemployed people don’t have that kind of money), so I’m doing an at home body weight regimen. And it’s harder that it sounds. Because I am so out of shape,I’m doing 1 set per day through this month. I’ll add another set in February and a third in March. We’ll see what happens from there. My current weight is 165,which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that it all comes from junk food. I started yesterday cutting back on snacks and adding more protein. I had five small meals yesterday,all add protein and three included either vegetables or nut butter. I cannot eat peanuts,so I’m eating almond butter and jelly sammies as my last meal of the day. My current chest measurement is 36.75 inches. That’s my biggest problem…I have a small chest. My goal is to bring it up to at least 40 inches.

Also,I have been reading the Bible each night before bed. I was going to use the Bible I have that’s actually set up for that kind of reading,but then I noticed that the guy that released it had majorly re-written the Bible. By that I mean that he had taken alot of stuff out of order and put it back together. He has parts of Exodus and parts of Leviticus put together,for example. I can’t tolerate that. So I printed out a reading schedule from the ELCA website and am using my favorite Bible. I’m up to chapter 12 of Genesis now.

The room is taying clean also! That’s a major thing for me as I am a slob!! I still need to put up my laundry from yesterday,but that’s nothing,so I’m happy with myself that way.

I still haven’t found a job. Monday I’m riding into Newberry to hit a tempservice. maybe I’ll have some kind of luck with that. I’m really starting to go bonkers here! I cannot stand sitting around the house much longer!

On the more positive notes,Obama won the Democratic caucus last night! I was really pulling for Hilary,and will continue to do so,but Obama is my second choice. John Edwards,Ireally don’t know much about his views as he really hasn’t been that visible. I will say this about him though,he’s a hottie!! There are really no good people,in my opinion,on the Republican side. Remember,that is only my opinion,and I ask that you not flame me for it. I respect everyone’s opinions,even if I don’t agree with them,and I ask that you do the same.

On the craft part of the blog (it’s about time he got to that), I’ve been working off and on on an afghan since last Wednesday. I reall haven’t gotten much done on it. It’s not difficult,work wise,buit it’s a butt reading the chart!

It’s a Double Irish Cahin pattern. As you can see,it’s worked on the diagonal and the colors have to be changed quite a bit! The back side of it looks like a giant squid right now!! Not looking forward to weaving in the ends at all!! It is turning out nice though,don’t ya think?

Also I decided to knit a pair of socks last night. I’m calling them my computer project,as I’ll only be working on them while waiting for pages to load. This is how far I am on the first sock…

I think I’m one of the few people left that use DPN’s to knit socks anymore! Ray usually makes his socks on circ’s and does both socks at the same time. And my dear freind Kat uses either the 2 circ method or magic loop. I can do these,but prefer the DPN’s. I always use worsted weight yarn for my socks as I enjoy a thich,cushy sock. I used to work in a freezer all day at Winn-Dixie,and got used to thick socks,and now that’s what I prefer. I also prefer to do a heel flap as opposed to the short row heel. I’ve done the SR heel,and don’t care for it,personally. This sock has a 2×2 rib that is going down the foot,a heel flap that has 5 garter sts on each side (EZ used to do this on her socks,and I like the look of it),and for the first time,I’ used a band heel. Kat mentioned it to me on a pair of her socks,so I thought I’d give it a shot. I like it so far as construction. I’ll have to wait to let you know how I like the feel of it.

Okay,well that’s about it for now. I hope you’re all doing well,and I’ll be back later!! Luvya all!!


  1. Hey, that afghan is awesome…looking at most of the stuff that you have made on the yahoo groups is wonderful, you really have some talent. I’m fairly new to the crochet and knit world so it’s been wonderful to read your blog…I have it marked on my favorites now 🙂

  2. hope you don’t end up with 2nd sock syndrome…hehehee
    Love the afghan. Tip? Weave tails as you go, otherwise they’ll never get or it’ll take 2 yrs after the afghan gets finished…

    Can’t wait to see it all completed.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow! I love the afghan! Such a beautiful pattern! I don’t have enough patience to do an afghan.. I’m more the scarves only-type person. LOL!

    Can’t wait to see the finished products.

  4. Just wanted to say You’re not the only one who knits socks on dpns, that is my preferred method. The cirs just don’t feel right to me. Your work is beautiful and I LOVE that afghan. WOW!

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