Posted by: 1craftyboy | January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well here we are in 2008! I have a lot of plans for this year!!

1. To get a job.
2. To excersise every day. I’ve been putting on wirght lately,being unemployed,and I’m not happy about that. It’s bad enough that I’m ass ugly from tip to toe. I certainly don’t need the weight!
3. I’m going to read the Bible this year. I got me one of those Bibles that have a date for each reading. I’m actually going to read the entire Bible. Have any of my readers done this?
4. I’m going to continue to design and I plan on writing a crochet book before the end of the year. I’ll of course be letting everyone know when it’ll be available.
5. To go along with number 2, I’m cutting back on my negative eating habits. I eat,literally, 1 or 2 cans of Pringle’s chips a day! Also I eat 3 or 4 Little Debbie cakes,3 sandwiches,cereal,whatever we’re having for dinner,and then cookies! This must end!!!
6. Keep my room clean. I admit to the fact that I’m a slob. I find it easier to just throw something on the floor instead of putting it where it belongs. Well,I spent most of yesterday cleaning,and it WILL stay clean!
7. Save money!!! This is my worst habit. I spend money on stuff I really do not need. I buy magazines for the sole purpose of reading them one time. I’ll but craft magazines that I have no intention of using patterns from-I just want to spend the money. I’ll buy CD’s for one song. I’ll buy books that I never read. I buy yarn cuz it’s nice and pretty,but then it just sits in my closet. This has to stop!! Once I get a job,the money will not be spent unless necessary!!!

Okay,that’s all I can come up with right now. How many of you have made your lists? I’ll be back later in the week to post on an afghan I’ve been working on. It’s coming out really pretty,and I’m happy with it,but it’s a bitch to work on time-wise. You’ll understand when I post on it. I want to get a few more rows done so it’s more presentable.

Okay,well-Happy New Year!! And I love you all!!!


  1. Hi Khebhin and Happy 2008! I found your blog through Crochet Partners.

    Nice to see your resolutions. I sincerely hope they all work out for you. I don’t usually make any because I know I won’t keep them but I think I will t-r-y and make some for this year. I know I need to!

    Thanks for sharing the dishcloth patterns – I can’t wait to try the Tunisian Short Row and the Crazy Cloth.

  2. I tried reading the bible when I was going thru a bad time back in my early grad school days. It was an enlightening experience. There’s alot in there that they don’t teach you in Sunday School! I couldn’t get past the point where Moses wasn’t allowed into the Promised Land. I got really angry cuz Moses had suffered soo much! But I understand why this happened…but I never continued. LOL!
    I have to say, reading the Bible that way didn’t turn me off of religion, per se, I am more skeptical of churches that spout off one or two sentences of a story in the Bible and use it for other purposes. I go back and get the WHOLE story now.

    Happy reading!

  3. Hey Kheblin –

    Where do I find the pattern for your double irish chain afghan. You know – the squid?

    I’ll see you at the next meeting and I’ll bring your book I received this week.

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