Posted by: 1craftyboy | December 29, 2007

Instant Crochet

Okay,so at my local library there’s this room full of books that the library has pulled from its shelves that they sell for 50~ to $1,but off to the side is a table full of books that they just wanna give away (Read:trash). Once or twice a week,I go by and load up.  There are days that they have nothing of interest to me,but today was a definite load up day! And all the books that I got were from the free table!!!

Apparently someone was cleaning out the attic,and decided to give the library boxes (5) of books away. The people at the library deemed these books unworthy,so they got thrown under the freebie table. I found several classic novels and a book of poems by T.S. Eliot!!

One book that I found was a little digest sized book called “Instant Crochet”. It was put out in 1971 by the Needlecraft Institute. Has anyone heard of these people? Anyway,they cover the basic stitches,but they have a sizing chart so you can figure out your size to crochet sweaters. They also have some stitches shown. What I love is the fact that they call sc ribbing “slipper stitch”,fpdc is called “rib double crochet”,and filet crochet is called “square mesh”. The patterns are also dated,but fun to look at. Have any of you ever heard of a “chignon cap”? Looks like a bun holder to me.

My biggest find however was a copy of Edgar Rice Burroughs “The People That Time Forgot”. This little pulp fiction paperback was originally priced at 49 cents. In the condition I found it in,it’s worth 50 bucks!!! Yaya!!

Well,I gotta run. Things to see and people to do!! I’ll be back later!!

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