Posted by: 1craftyboy | December 16, 2007

Round Ripple-Done

Well,after languishing away for a bit,I finally pulled my Round Ripple blanket out and finished!! I think it really turned out nicely,too!

It measures 71 inches across from point to point. I adapted Gail’s Spiderman ripple blanket to get this one. I used a size “J” hook,kept it all in double crochet,and changed the colors by using Red Heart Frosty Green for 10 rounds and Red Heart Watercolor for 5 rounds. I also got a total of 55 rounds. I had to block it a little bit at the end because of tension changes. I made the mistake of working on it in different settings and in different moods;two things that are known to cause my tension in my needlework to change. But in the end,it’s not really noticeable.

My Mom has laid claim to this blanket,and now I’m starting one for my Dad. His is going to be a standard ripple in Red Heart Soft Navy and Red Heart Gold. He’s a fanatic about Notre Dame,and these colors are perfect. I’ll post pics as I go along. He reads this blog,so I’m not worrying about surprising him. Plus,I crochet on whatever I’m working on when he’s over here anyway,so…

Alright,well,I’ll see you all later!!


  1. Your round ripple is gorgeous! Using the two yarns you’d choosen for this project beautifully show the patterning of the stitchwork.

  2. Beautiful… I love the color combination!


  3. Nice job! Here’s the same pattern I did, with different colors, but along the same line:

    <a href=


  4. Saw your post at Crochet Partners so came over to take a look. WOW!!! Looks fabulous!!

  5. Your afghan is beautiful and I am sure that the next one will be just as nice. The color sceme is classic. Thank you for sharing it with us at the CP site. Sherry

  6. Beautiful! I realy like your choice of colors. Tell your Dad I said GO NOTRE DAME!

  7. Absolutely fantastic. This came out great!

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