Posted by: 1craftyboy | November 18, 2007

A weekend in yarn

Well,I have definitely been productive over the weekend! I worked on three items,and was able to finish one of the three. Let me give you the tour.

Last night I started working on the Kid’s Cabled Hat from Isela Phelps’s wonderful loom knitting book. I have only ever used my loom using the e-wrap and simple stitch,so making this hat opened up a lot of different techniques for me. I stumbled through the chain cast on at first,but once my brain figured out what my fingers were trying to do,it became very easy! Also,the knit and purl stitches felt a little awkward at first. This is very different from just lifting the bottom loop over the top loop as in simple stitch and e-wraps. But,again,it became very easy. The cables were another story. I still haven’t figured out the right tension so that I’m not struggling to make the loops cross each other,but I’m sure it’ll come. I just started the 5th repeat of the eight needed before the decrease round. It looks like this…

Unfortunately,the cables aren’t reallt visible in the picture. This is because of the flash on my camera as well as my color choice. But it really does look good so far. I’ll post another picture when it’s done. I probably could have finished it last night,but I was watching Dr. Who and Torchwood at the time,and well…Especially with Torchwood. I get very wrapped up in that show. I spend most of those two hours looking for and at Ianto!

Anyway,I also got some work done on the Round Ripple afghan. Fifteen more rows and it’ll be done!! It’s going to require some blocking as it wants to pucker a little bit in places,but that’s what happens when I don’t follow my mood when I’m crocheting. Anyway,here she is so far…

Last but not least,the item I finished. I found a pettern for a dishcloth that incoporates the Om into it. Well,this just had to be done,since I have that same symblo tattooed on my arm! It came out nice,but next time I’ll use a different color yarn.

Again,the flash makes it difficult to see the symbol,but it is there.

So that’s my weekend. I hope everyone has a great week,and I’ll talk to you all later!! Peace and love!!


  1. I absolutely love the colors you’ve used on the round ripple afghan. I used those colors for a striped afghan. The photo doesn’t quite give the colors it’s true justice. Your work is great. Keep up the good job!

    PS I am responding because I saw your post on CrochetPartners.

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