Posted by: 1craftyboy | November 15, 2007

Not much

Not much has been going on since my last post. My some more dishcloths,but nothing picture worthy. I’ve been working on the neglected Round Ripple of which I have 18 more rounds to go before she’s done. I’ll probably give her the bullk of my attention tomorrow. I started my first project in double knitting today. This is funny to me as I’ve taught other people how to do double knitting,but never bothered to use it for myself. So I charted out a Chinese Kanji symbol and am putting it on a double knitted scarf. Not enough was done on it to merit a picture right yet,either.

I actually feel like crap right now,as I suffered from an impaction in my throat on Tuesday,and after a bout of an hour,the impaction finally was released. I won’t go into the gory details,but my throat is still torn up from it,and it’s killing me. I also now have extreme laryngitis,which makes it painful to talk. And I am a yapper!

Also,today has been horrifically windy,and everytime i tried to go online or turn on the TV,the power would flip. So that’s been fun. I’m hardly working right now,and I can’t find a “real” job for anyhting. Bsaically my life is looking pretty sorry right now. At least I have my doggie and my crafts to keep me occupied,or I would go nuts!!

Well,other than my wailing about that kinda stuff,today as been pretty good. I’ll close on that. Have a good night!! Peace and love!!

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