Posted by: 1craftyboy | November 12, 2007

Another dishcloth

As promised from mhy earlier post,I have another dishcloth to share. I found out about this pattern through Ravelry,and I had to try it. And I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE IT!!! It’s done in short rows,which I can never get enough of,and it has the cutest edging! Well,here,take a gander…

I used 1 skein of Peaches & Cream Ombre in Gumdrop and size 7 needles,and I absolutely love the way it came out! This pattern is so going to stay in mhy “faves” file for dishcloths! If you would like to try this pattern yourself go…

The original was done in a solid,but I had to use a variegated,as it just called out to me. I still have to finish my turkey dishcloth and make another Thanksgiving themed one for my swap. I have until the 20th to mail them,but still…I just love dishrags cuz they are the perfect time filler project!!

Okay,I’m off for now. Later days!!


  1. The dishcloth is beautiful!!! Your use of the varigated yarn shows the patterning very well.

  2. Love the Gumdrop PNC! I’ve a new convert to PNC cotton for my dishcloths, have been devoted to using SNC for my Ballband Dishcloths! But one of my very first dishcloths was this swirl pattern! You did a nice job!

  3. I love it too!!!!!! Nice work!

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