Posted by: 1craftyboy | November 10, 2007

The dishcloth that almost won

When I saw this dishcloth on Ravelry,I was so excited! It looked like the perfect challenge,and it would be a new spin on the dishcloth. And I love dishcloths,so maybe it would be added to my repertoire. This dishcloth is called the Vortex (5),and it almost beat me to a pulp. I started it last night after work using variegated yarn for my first attempt,as the pattern suggests. It took me five tries and and an hour and a half to figure out why I couldn’t get the thing to look right. Okay,I finally realized that I am supposed to be working in the round. I wish the pattern actually said that instead of assuming I would know automatically. Yeah,I’m on dpn’s,but I’m also working each side back and forth. Anyway,I get almost done (I’m at 3 hours now),and the piece looks like crap. Okay,this is not a good variegated yarn for the pattern. I visit the Frog Pond and call it a night.

This morning I cast back on and started with two colors. They don’t look good together,but I had the cotton in my stash,and i figure no harm,no foul. Besides,I wouldn’t lose out if I had to go back to the Frog Pond. So off I went to knitting. This bleaming thing took most of my day,because I just had to keep walking away from it. I can’t share the pattern with you,but I will show you pics as I went along.

This is Square 1 after the dpn’s have been added..

At this point,I had two add my contrasting color and work short rows on each side. This is called Square 2 and it looks like this…

Back to the Main color and more short rows for Square 3…

Then Square 4…

Finally I hit Square 5,where the sides are short rowed and bound off as you go. The finished cloth looks like this…

Now,I’ll be honest and say that I might make a couple for Christmas gifts,but I don’t see this pattern holding an everlasting place in my heart.

On other dishcloth news,I joined a swap today on Ravelry! It’s my first swap,and I’m really excited! This one is Thanksgiving based,and I have to swap 2 theme based cloths and a Fall decoration of some sort. I’ll probably do a cookie cutter or some such. I find out who my “victim” is on Monday!! Yay!!

Okay,I have to run and recover from the madness of today. Love you all!!


  1. Oh, I do like that dishcloth. Will you be able to provide a pattern?

  2. Awesome! I am interested in the pattern also!

  3. THIS I really like-a lot!!!! It’s kind of a twisted version of the Log Cabin dishcloth, no? Looks simple to work, too. Might be a good way to use up those scraps!!

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