Posted by: 1craftyboy | November 8, 2007

The finished Camo!!

Finally! I’m finally finished with Pinhead nephew’s Camoflage blanket!! I had originally planned on bordering it with safety orange,but was talked out of it by just about everybody,so…

At any rate,the blanket turned out nice!

This stitch,which is called the Diagonal Box Stitch,is definitely my favorite go-to stitch for afghans. It really is used to make diagonal stripes,which I thought you should see. So I pulled out my first blanket made with this stitch.

This one was done with black and Spring Green Red Heart. I used 5 skeins of each color and each stripe is 10 rows. Now all i have to do is finish off my Round Ripple which has been neglected since last Saturday so i good finish off the Camo. I hope you like it!!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE that pattern!!!The website that you sent was right on! Pinhead nephew is not worthy of such quality, I know I have several of them!

  2. I agree, Pinhead nephew is not worthy. It came out great!

  3. Looks great! I’m a beginner more or less – I’ve been crocheting for almost a year. I mainly do scarfs b/c I am still learning stitches and such. Haven’t made my first afghan but will probably use this stitch when I do.

  4. Hi there! I really like your Camoflage blanket! 🙂


  5. Very cool! Seeing that afghan might actually get me to pick up a crochet hook after 15 years of only knitting.

  6. I really like that Diagonal Box Stitch. Thanks for sharing the two ideas. You’ve started another project going around in my head. I have a hunting friend that might get a kick out of a camouflage throw.

  7. Love your blog–So glad you joined CrochetPartners.
    I have read about the diagonal box stitch but have yet
    to find good, clear instructions for it. As it happens, I have 9 big skeins of camo yarn which I bought a while back
    to make an afghan, but never found the right pattern.
    I you could supply a pattern or refer me to one, I would
    be eternally grateful. I am a crocheter and quilter
    who lives in Israel, in my 50’s, and I like “guy”(non-lacy)
    patterns and am always complaining that there aren’t
    enough of them. I like to make stuff for my Hubby & son.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Succah Schiffman

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