Posted by: 1craftyboy | November 5, 2007


No matter what else I’m working on at any given day,I always try to churn out a dishcloth. This isn’t always accomplished,but for the most part…

At any rate,after I got tired of Pinhead nephew’s Camo afghan for the day,I decided to do a dishcloth. I went up to Wal-Mart and picked up some solid cotton yarn. Two of the skeins were black and orange. Yeah,I know,a little late for Hallowe’en,but it the combo still looks good. This time I decided to make a cloth using my Cro-hook. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this,it’s basically a two ended afghan or Tunisian hook. I really enjoy this technique,because it gives you a reversible fabric. One side looks like this…

but when you flip it over,you get…


Don’t believe me? Well,check this out…

Oooooo! Magic! LOL! Really,the technique really is cool,and can be used to make a bunch of things. To make this cloth,I used my “J” Cro-Hook and chained 20 stitches. I should have gone to 24,but…Anyway I just did basic cro-hooking until I had 15 black stripes.

As far as the Camo blanket is concerned,I got 10 more rows done today,and that gave a good start to the top edge. It should be done in the next week. So that’s it for now! Later days!!

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