Posted by: 1craftyboy | November 4, 2007

I have lost my mind!!

As if I don’t already have 2 afghans and a shawl on the needles (and hooks). As if I’m not constantly working on dishcloths. As if I don’t have a mile long queue of things to make.

Last night while watching the two hours of “Torchwood”,my fingers started itching for something to work on. Instead of grabbing one of the two blankets or the “Wool Peddler’s Shawl” that I’m working on,I go into my stash and start on the “Garter and Lace Shawl” from Martha Waterman’s shawl book. Most of the people at my LYS call it the “Idiot’s Delight” because it is so extremely simple. In the 2 hours of TV,I was able to get 25% of the entire shawl completed.

It really doesn’t look that great in the picture,but it’s really looking good in person!!

Okay,that’s it fer noo. Later taters!!

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