Posted by: 1craftyboy | November 3, 2007

Round Ripple,part 2

Well,today was very productive! I spent the day as far as my crochet work working solely on the Round Ripple. I’ve got a total of four stripes completed,and according to my estimate,I have only three more to go. And I’m only on the second skein of each yarn,so that’s a plus! The “Frosty Green” is the perfect background color on this blanket and the “Watercolor” is working out wonderfully! Here it is so far!

I cannot wait til it’s finished! It’s going to be beautiful! On the knitting front,I’ve been thinking on working the famous “Ballband Dishcloth” for quite some time,but constantly put it off. Wdell,I finally got one done. I started it last night with some stash cotton that I had left over from my 2 color “Christine”s Dishcloth”. I really like ut!

When I started it last night,I really didn’t think about the amount of yarn needed. I just figured I would have more than enough. Well,the yellow kept getting less and less to the point of fear! When I finished it off,this is what I had left in yellow…

As you can see,I really cut it close! I still have enough blue left to background another cloth! Woo Hoo! The pattern is great and easy,and I have a feeling it will completely hang out in my repetoire for a very long time!

Well that’s about it for now. I’ll be relaxing tomorrow and then will start backup on the Camo blanket. Have a great weekend!!!

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