Posted by: 1craftyboy | November 1, 2007

When friends inspire yo

This past Monday at our crcohet group meeting,my friends Chrisitine was working on a gorgeous afghan using Red Heart yarn in “Frosty Green” and “Watercolor”. I absolutely love the way it’s looking and I knew I had to try that color combo myself. In steps my online friend,Gail E. She makes the greatest round ripple blankets! Can you tell where this is going? That’s right,I’ve combined my two friends into one great inpired blanket! I’ve only done 18 rounds so far,but this is what it looks like so far…

I’m loving the way it’s coming out! I can only work on it in spaces as I’m still using most of my time on Pinhead nephew’s Camo blanket. I’m up to row 61 so far,so that gives me only 14 more rows to go until I have the basic length done. I have to admit that I had no intention of liking this blanket at first as I’m not a fan of camoflage,but it’s really turning out nicely.

On other notes,Mom has gone to the beach for the week,so I’m getting to dog sit and deal with Pinhead nephew,so wish me lick on that!

Well that’s it for now. Luvya all!!


  1. They are both coming out great. I’m not usually a fan of camo pattern either, but I like how that one is coming out. The Pinhead nephew is probably not worthy.

  2. Just wondering, I really like the pattern your doing for yopur nephew( not the camo mind you, but He is your nephew…) Do you have the pattern name where I can pick it up?

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