Posted by: 1craftyboy | October 24, 2007

Cotton scraps and crap

Today has been a very rainy day,which we sorely need,but it just puts me in a blah mood. The fact that i haven’t slept for 2 nights isn’t helping. Since I didn’t have any work scheduled today since Kangaroo is doing a major computer overall around here,I was able to go to the doctor about my not sleeping. He tells me that it sounds like I have a lot on my mind. Well,duh. Could you give me a sleeping aid?

Anyway,since I haven’t slept,I pulled out some scrap cotton and made a coupla things. The first is a body scrubber. The pattern is really easy until you start working the petals. The n it gets a little cumbersome as you get toward the center. The petals are worked from the outside in. Anyway,it still is a cute item,and I think would make a nice little gift.

You really can’t tell from the picture,but it’s a rose. It has a strap on the back that keeps it on your hand while you’re using it. The pattern can be found at

The other scrap yarn project was a little playful for me. A few years ago,my Mom bought a towel with a crocheted topper home from a craft fair that she went to. She was feeling nostalgic. Antway,she had me figure it out and make a bunch for family and friends. Fine and dandy,and I had a blast doing it. And the few she kept,she used. And used. And used.They no longer exist,suffice it to say. Then last week she tells me I should make another batch. Okay,fine,if i knew what i had done before. Soonline i go looking for a towel topper pattern that I like. Well,I found one that is made so that the towel isn’t sewn on,but has a loop in it so that the towel can be changed out whenever! How cool and convenient!! And here’s my version,with a very ugly towel stuck throu it. But you get the gist.

Now,on my way home from the doc’s,I decided to swing by the grocery as i had a plan in mind. I have dyed my own yarn before,but I have never Kool-Aid dyed. So I decided to give it a go. I have some plain wool that’s been sitting around doing nothing,and I figured it was the perfect plaything. I learned two very important lessons. Rubber gloves are no protection from very hot water,and if you try to dye yarn you should know that the word “lemon” on a Kool-Aid pack is going to give you a yellowish tint. I used LEMON Lime (hoping for bright green) and Raspberry Blue LEMONade (hoping for bright blue). “Lemon” is now a dirty word to me. These pictures aren’t great,but the first one is the lemon-lime and the second is the raspberry blue lemonade….

See what I mean?

The upshot of the day was the fact that I was turned onto a really cool pattern by my friend Kat. I have been looking for a mitt pattern that I could work for quite awhile. I guess I should explain that. Every pattern on the planet almost calls for gauge. Fine, But gauge is not my friend. I do not like gauge. I have a whole lot of things I’d rather do than work gauge swatches…even if I can frog it and reuse the yarn. I just cannot stand them. I worked out a buttload of socks before I found a combination that fits my foot. And now that’s what I stay with. The other socks found their way to people they fit. Same thing with all the hats that I worked up looking for my fit. Sweaters. I usually don’t make them as most designers don’t make men’s sweaters that I like. If I find one that I really like,and the yarn is worsted weight (my rule),then I gauge…reluctantly. So when I saw this pattern,and I knew from experience the worsted yarn and needle size would give me a proxomity to the gauge called for…I went for it!

This is the first mitt sans thumb. I haven’t gotten to that part yet. I used Red Heart yarn in a brown variegated and i love it!! And it fits me perfectly!!!!

So,in all this,where is my alpaca shawl. Still sitting neglected in my knitting chair,stuck on the same row as last time I mentioned it,languishing away like a rejected love. Oh well,she’ll be restored one day soon! Until later!!! Luvya all!


  1. That’s about what my mitt looks like now except for the color I finished the first one, but haven’t put a thumb on it yet. I love this pattern – so quick and easy, and the ribbing makes gauge somewhat flexible.

    I love both your scrubbie and your towel holder!

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