Posted by: 1craftyboy | October 16, 2007

A day of the blah’s

Well,today has been pretty well blah for me. After I got home last night from my SnB crochet group,I fell quite ill. I don’t know if it’s because I overheated during the day (I took a walking tour of Columbia),or a combo of what I ate at Barnes and Noble (2 juices,a root beer,a cheddar cheese/jalapeno pretzel and a triple chocolate chunk cookie),or a combo of all that,but I was hurting last night. Also my legs were (and still are) throbbing from walking so much. So last night was very miserable,which amounted to no sleep.

That being said,today I have had a bad case of the blah’s. Plus my mother has been on back for stupid crap that she can’t seem to realize has absolutely nothing to do with her. I have a personal problem that I mentioned to her and now she won’t shut up about it!! She doesn’t grasp the concept that nagging does not equal helping.

But since this is a craft blog,I should mention my craft work for the day. I’m up to 199 stitches on the wool peddler shawl. The purple alpaca is just beautiful,and is working up so soft! I have to get up to 231 stitches before i start the lace part of the shawl. So exciting!! Also I went by my LYS and picked up 5 skeins of a heathery gray wool that will be turned into a Faeroese shawl! I’m also crocheting a hyperbolic ball. It’s really funky looking so far,and I’ll have a pic of it later.

Okay,that’s it for the time being. TTFN!!

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