Posted by: 1craftyboy | October 10, 2007

My firstest entry at my new home

So,here I am at my new blog. Why did U move? Coz I got really tired of Blogspot. I mean, I have no real problem with them,per se,but they had a bad habit of sliciong up my pictures,and I wasn’t really thrilled with their choice of templates. Plus,a good friend of mine uses WordPress,and she seems happy with them,so i thoughht,why not?

Now this is going to be a pure crft blog. I will be going on about my knitting,crochet,and other crafts that I enjoy and/or try. Right now i have an afhan on the hook,a beanie alos on the hook,and I’ve started my very first locker hook project. And being the nut job that I am,I’ve decided that my first try at this craft should be a rug. Yes,i am insane. So far I’ve completed 11 rows and that alone has already taken 2 days. This is not a craft for those that like instant gratification,so be forewarned. I’ll be posting a picture tomorrow

Anyhoo,that’s that. If you wish to read about my life goings on,please feel free to read the blog that I keep on MySpace.


No I am off to work on my rug. TTFN!!


  1. Welcome aboard. I think you’ll like Word Press much better. I know I do!

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